Real People (?)

What do we mean by “Real People”?

The content impresario for The Travel Chronicle travel sites, Jeffrey Evans, has never been paid a dime to write a word, or a penny to click a shutter.  The comedians amongst you may take that as a straight line.

In the interest of full disclosure, my partner was involved in the travel industry for decades, primarily as a travel agent, but currently has no financial interest in the business of travel. So, based on her knowledge, we do sometimes have a slight edge in working out certain problems when a travel industry employee (airline, for example) has been around long enough to understand what she is saying.  This is to say that we are typically no better off than someone claiming no professional experience whatsoever.

As for other contributors, we aren’t too concerned about the amateur standing of these “Real People” to the extent that we don’t mind if someone is promoting their favorite vacation spot because they happen to own a lodge or restaurant there.  To us, content is more important than financial purity because we all want such businesses to thrive and prosper for our continuing travel benefit.

If anyone does choose to contribute their own travel stories, (after reading The Travel Chronicle and Tips to Authors), we will make every effort to remain true to the concept:  “First Hand Travel Experience”.  Whoever is doing the writing has to have been to the location they are writing about, and preferably either they or one other contributor will have taken all of the photos.

Real People Gallery

We like to use this Real People space to acknowledge some of the great people – specific to the travel industry – who made our experience special. Thriving or not, businesses devoted to the traveler are as good as the people who create and work for them.  Certain people you meet while traveling make it obvious that they love what they do – it isn’t just a job or an income.

Even more special are those people all over the world who take great pleasure and pride in extending hospitality to anyone who visits their home – regardless of any financial interest.

Africa Kenya Anthony Medina Sheldricks Kid

Africa – Kenya • Left to Right: Anthony at Mt Kenya Wildlife Conservancy – Medina in Nairobi – Kid at David Sheldrick’s Nairobi Orphaned Elephant Nursery

Africa Kenya Ol Pejeta Conservancy Naturalist Guide

Africa – Kenya – Ol Pejeta Conservancy • A tranquil moment of contemplation at Sweetwaters Tented Camp

This photo of our extraordinary guide, Anthony Wachira (above left), is borrowed from our second trip to Kenya in 2008.  Anthony had started an independent tour company in the intervening three years, and that made him the perfect partner to work out the details of the very customized itinerary we designed around the new friendships we had made on this, our first trip.

Getting back to 2005, our new friend Medina not only accompanied us around Nairobi, she intervened on our behalf when it was time to settle the taxi bill.  The driver doesn’t look quite prepared to deal with her.

The young fellow on the right had been having some sport with me by sticking his hand in front of my camera whenever I tried to photograph the elephants at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.  So, I got even with him.

At every stop on our safari where the opportunity was offered, we signed up for the guided walk outside the fenced accommodation area.  At Sweetwaters Tented Camp in Ol Pejeta Conservancy we were escorted by a former game warden who appeared to be enjoying his semi-retirement playing shepherd to the visitors. Though not a typical portrait, the photo on the left is one of my favorites because it captures his love of the land which he conveyed to us that day.

Last, but most certainly not least, the people with whom we traveled became part of the experience in a very positive way.  Having never previously traveled with a group I was more than skeptical, but as I wrote in an email at the time, “People who like the idea of bouncing around Kenya tend to be seasoned veterans with a positive attitude.  No whiners here.  You don’t need to climb Kilimanjaro to meet interesting humans.”  Our complete group was much larger, but the people in the picture below shared the same van for the whole tour (not counting our new bicycle owner, center).  I also chose this photo because one of our drivers is included, and that particular service does not receive the credit it deserves.  If you find that you only barely notice your driver on a trip like this, it means they earned an A+, a good tip, and your heartfelt thanks.

Africa Kenya Nanyuki Tour Group

Africa – Kenya – Nanyuki • Our van of fellow travelers and driver, far right


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